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How Does It Work

Signing up to UK Healthcare or switching from another health cash plan provider is very simple. But once your corporate health cash plan is up and running, how does it actually work?

From just £1 per week per employee, businesses can offer workers a health cash plan which allows them to claim back the cost of a wide variety of medical services, including treatments, prescriptions and hospital stays.(Up to agreed policy limits).

How do I get a corporate health cash plan?

You can arrange to meet us and discuss the needs of your company by calling 01204 555049 or completing an online enquiry form, Right Here.

Once your business signs up for a UK Healthcare corporate health cash plan our experts will make implementation as simple as possible. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

When can I make a claim?

By visiting “Make a Claim” on the drop down menu to your left, you can either claim directly "on line" by completing the easy to follow steps or if you prefer by completing a claim form and posting it to us. Either way reimbursement can be with you in a matter of days, if you provide your bank details so that we can pay your claim directly to your chosen bank account. Nothing could be simpler !

How do I claim on my health cash plan?

Claiming is easy. Complete a Make a Claim and return it to us along with supporting receipts or documentation. We make a point of paying all valid claims promptly so you could have your cash back within a matter of days.


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